Click your mouse on any name, and your e-mail program should bring up a blank message addressed to the named person. In order to protect us from the insidious "harvesting" programs that gather e-mail addresses from web pages, I have encrypted our addresses. Not only have the addresses been removed from the page, they are not in the html coding, either. It is still possible to harvest them, but only one at a time, and I hope that that would take more time than it would be worth to a scumbag who wants them for spamming.

I have inserted the subject line "Peterzell family site" into e-mail mesages orriginating through this page. If you would like yours deleted, or changed to something else, ask and ye shall receive.


Gilbert Barr

Madeline Beck

Sue Cotler

Carrie Gelles

Harrison Gelles

Harry Gelles

Leda Gelles

Paul Gelles

Carol Horowitz

Heidi & Ian Kallen

Ian Kallen

June Kleinwaks

Robert "Rob" Krevitz

Ruth Levinson

Guillermo “Bill” Lipman

Rhoda Malamut

Ron Marcus

Abby Medcalf (formerly Suepepi)

Thayla Murray

Ben Myers

Amy Peterzell

Betsy Vance Peterzell

David Peterzell

Harry Peterzell

Jane Thomason Peterzell

Jay Peterzell

Jazel Peterzell

Joyce Peterzell

Lee A. Peterzell

Lezlee Peterzell

Libby Peterzell

Loren Peterzell

Lori Peterzell

Lyle Peterzell

Marc Peterzell

Marcia Peterzell

Marcus Peterzell
or Marcus Peterzell

Paul "Abe" Abraham Peterzell

Paul E."Petey" Peterzell

Paul Erik Peterzell

Paul Robert Peterzell

Scott Peterzell

Tristan Peterzell

Victor Peterzell

Sam Petrosky

Andy Pincus

Kathy Pincus

Lynn M. Rayman

Lori Rich

Jon Solomon

Barbara Temkin

Ely Temkin

Harlan Weinberg

Kenneth Weinberg

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