The family started in The United States with the immigration of five siblings: three brothers and two sisters.

This page is a group effort. Let's have your branch's story.

This is Keegan Peterzell, age 18, living in Knoxville, TN. Here's some family tree. My branch comes from Francis Jones and Milton Peterzell. Francis being Mormon and Milton Jewish, no one was raised very religiously. Anywho, their children are: Elizabeth "Libby" Peterzell, currently living in Pascagoula, MS.; Lynn, my father, who passed away from a heart attack in '94. there is myself and my sister, Leah Peterzell. Lee, who has a son, Tristan Peterzell; Lyle, who you talk to online here, is in Greenbelt Maryland. He has a son, but i can't remember his name or if he even uses Peterzell. And last is Loran, recently married and living in Meridian Miss. My cousins that I know of have been mention here, and I hope that helps w/ the southern Peterzell branch.

-keegan... keeganner@aol.com

Thanks to Keegan for the first contribution (which is slightly edited) to this page. -Harry

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I just read what Keegan wrote and thought I should make a few corrections just to keep the record straight. First my mother spelled her name Frances , Secondly, Lee, Libby, and Lynn all went to Temple in Mobile untill 1962 . Then when Lee was 12 years old our father(Milton) agreed with our mother that we should go to the Mormon church in Pascagoula. This was for many reasons but the main one was that our mother was a devout Mormon and our father didn't go to Temple at all. Most of us attended the Mormon church untill the early 70's. Thats about 10 years so we were raised religiously and my wife and I are currently attending a Church of Christ that we love. Next, I am Lyle and I have no children and lastly my little brother spells his name Loren and he is not married but has a long time girlfriend in Meridian.

I hope this helps with the family tree and I look forward to seeing it when completed! always, Lyle

From Marc L. Peterzell, April 07, 2004

Dear Peterzells:

For those of us who have questions about the origin of the name "Peterzell" or the three known towns with that name, the
attached translation of a brief history of Peterzell, Germany may be of interest. This is one of the two towns with that name in southwestern Germany. The town and the history were discovered by Norman, Betty Anne and James on an European trip 2 years ago.

While this history doesn't appear to be informative, it is interesting, and may be helpful to any of you who make the trip. We hope to visit Peterzell in the next year or so.

Best to all.


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