The family started in The United States with the immigration of five siblings: three brothers and two sisters.
As of 6/7/00 We have found the three brothers, one of the sisters, and, of their combined offspring,
17 children (previously misstated as 18),
30 grandchildren,
36 great grandchildren,
24 great great grandchildren,
7 great great great grandchildren.
That is an increase of one person (not including spouses) found since the previous tally on 6/5/00 and 25 since the tally before that on 7/3/99.




Posted 18 April, 2005

This is galloping!

The numbers as of today are
the 5 siblings of the first generation
25 children (and that probably is a complete list)
53 grandchildren
72 great grandchildren
97 great great grandchildren, including 1 adopted
55 great great great grandchildren, including 3 adopted
12 great great great great grandchildren

Posted 1 April, 2005

We now have the names and birth years of Sprintza's four daughters. They all arrived 6 December, 1886, without the husband/father, according to the ship manifest (if, indeed, that is the right Sprintza Moses). The 1890 census is the one that was lost in a fire. None of their names appeared on the 1900 census. The mother would have been 44 in 1900, the daughters might have anglicized their Hebrew names, and the youngest girl would have been 20, so they were perhaps all married by then.

There isn't much hope of finding their descendants, unless some family member knows something.
Posted 21 January, 2005

A major development: I am talking with descendants of a fourth sibling in the first immigrant generation, Sarah Peterzell Myers, and through them I have learned the name and married name of the fifth sibling, the other sister, Sphrintza Peterzell Moses. The following numbers are just short of double the numbers in the previous tally, made on 6/7/00. It's a 97% increase. With new discoveries, pending marriages and pregnancies, the chart is growing almost daily.

Posted 15 February 2005

With the aid of a professional genealogist, and a lot of follow up by me, I have added the two sisters, and discovered that one of them is apparently the eldest sibling. I have changed the chart to reflect that. She is Sprintza Peterzell Moses. She immigrated with her four daughters. Not a Peterzell surname in the bunch, but we're still trying. There is also a female Moses married into the line of the other sister, Sarah Peterzell Myers. The two lines might be doubly related.

Posted 21 April, 2002

Two developments: Victor Peterzell has made a trip of discovery and has information about a number of cousins in the Lazer branch. When I get his data, it will be added to the FAMILY TREE section.

The other development: Here is a letter from a foreign cousin. He has dyslexia, and there are some errors in the letter. I decided to reproduce it without editing so that we can get the flavor of his message.

Received 16 December, 2000

Dear Harry,

my name is Bill and my email is

I am Evelyn Peterzell (Beck) grandson and my grandma told me a bit aboutl the Peterzell name even though my last name is Lipman.

I have Adolf Peterzell pocket watch that my grandma gave me adn some pictures but iam not sure who they are

I live in Peru and I am not so good with computers, but I found you. My grandma said that when they came over they could not spell Peterzell so they wrote Peterson. (I have dyslexia and I can even spell Peterzell). Who can I get more info on the family i remember but no name sorry that when one of the family (adolf) came over i belive a young boy cousen of Eveleyn I was told they filled his shoes with sand because the boat said if he can walk he must pay and if he cant he goes for free and well he went for free! I dont know is Formen a famaily name i have a picture of great great granpa Formen my Grandma is no longer with us and grandpa doesnt talk to lmuch about the family please email me some times it takes a bit to email here in Peru take care and will be waiting for your email

Bill Lipman

I have written to him, giving him some genealogical data, and asking for some in exchange.

Received 5 July, 1999

I just got back from from my 3 week tour of Germany . . .

I met a writer from Dresden who was very interested in the origin of my last name. He said that many Jews who emigrated from the East were given 3 syllable names. Thus Pe-ter-zell, he believed was a re-created German/Jewish name, however, it puzzled him that there was a town named Peterzell. Most people were given names like "Hamburger" which meant (who comes from Hamburg). Rarely did you have a name with an actual town corresponding it...

I thought you'd find that interesting. Feel free to pass this e-mail on to the family...I don't have all the addresses.

Lezlee Peterzell

Here, Lezlee, is an even better way to circulate that information!

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