Standard genealogical practice indicates and respect for privacy requires that dates not be shown publicly for living people. For simplicity, no dates are shown, but those dates we have been able to get are in the database, therefore available to family members and future maintainers of these records.

If you are on the chart and you would like some or all of the dates, you are entitled. Click on "webmaster" at the bottom of any page. Ask and ye shall receive.

Two other standard policies, however, are not observed here because we are concerned with family ties rather than technicalities.

Unmarried couples in a life partnership - straight or gay - with or without offspring, are members of the family, and are on the chart.

Adopted people - though not blood relatives - are members of the family. The fact they are adopted is in the data base and on the chart; therefore future maintainers of these records have the ability to delete adopted people and their offspring if they so choose, but, on my watch, they are in.

Anyone who disagrees with or objects to any of these policies is invited to start his/her own website.

In the words of the late Jimmy Durante, "Dem is da conditions what prevails." If that was before your time, perhaps you remember how Walter Chronkite ended his evening broadcasts. "That's the way it is."




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