CO CHAIRS ("THE TROIKA"): Marcia Peterzell, Paul "Petey" Peterzell, Paul Robert Peterzell
OTHERS: Sophia Reinders, Linda Silver, Jane Thomason



(3) Betty Frankel
(4) Harry and Gail Gelles
(5) Ian and Heidi Kallen and (6) Jessica & Jonah
(5) Tami Kallen and Carl Bryant and (6) Manuel & Maritza
(4) June and Saul Kleinwaks
(4) Lisa and George Murray and (5) Thayla
(5) David Peterzell
(4) Harry and Joyce Peterzell
(4) Jay Peterzell
(5) Lezlee Peterzell
(5) Marcus and Lori Peterzell and (6) Lance
(4) Marc and Betsy Peterzell and (5) Michael & Stephen
(4) Marcia Peterzell and Linda Silver
(4) Paul (Petey) Peterzell and Sophia Reinders
(5) Paul (Robert) Peterzell and Jane Thomason, and (6) Elise & Nicholas
(3) Victor and Millie Peterzell

Numbers indicate generation. Four generations were represented. The age range was 92 years



THURSDAY: Check in at the inn to be ready for the next morning's scheduled activity, then, in the evening, unscheduled gathering of most of the attendees in the bar at the restaurant next door to the inn.

FRIDAY: Bus trip to Sonoma County for both children and adults starting at the Corte Madera Inn, reunion headquarters. Children and parents debarked at the playground in the town square in Sonoma to picnic while the bus took the rest up to the Carmenet winery in the vine-covered hills north of town for a tour, tasting and picnic. While most were at the winery, the bus returned to the square to take the children and parents to Train Town, then after their visit brought them to the winery and then took all back to the inn. After a swimming/rest break, we carpooled to Corte Madera Town Park for a delicious chicken and veggie burger barbecue. Lezlee did digital camera interviews there.

SATURDAY: We carpooled to Tiburon for the ferry to San Francisco, where we took a fascinating narrated boat tour on San Francisco Bay. We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant near the boat slips and returned on the ferry to Tiburon. Next there was a gentle hike among the redwoods at Muir Woods National Monument. The evening was capped by a catered feast at Jane and Paul's home. Lezlee made additional recorded interviews during dinner. Dinner was followed by an introduction of all present by Harry, complete with genealogical cross references, The next reunion was scheduled (see below). Lezlee sang beautifully for us. Paul distributed polo shirts commemorating the event, then all, uniformly dressed, for the moment, posed for group photos. There were displays of photos in a scrapbook and the family internet website on a laptop computer and a diagrammed version of the family tree with the names of reunion participants highlighted. David, Jay, and the two Pauls made a long interview with the senior lineal descendent present, Victor, in a separate room. Lezlee showed her interviews on the large TV.

SUNDAY: Back up the hill from the inn to Jane and Paul's for Sunday brunch. Paul distributed copies of the previous evening's interview with Victor. David distributed compact disc recordings of an interview with Jeanne Gelles to participants who knew her well. Harry distributed already obsolete printouts of the family tree. There was more viewing of the exhibits, then farewell hugs.

Everyone attended the Friday picnic and the Saturday dinner. Attendance at all other activities was less than 100%. Only four people attended every event.



NEXT: 2005 in New York under the leadership of Marcus and Lori

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